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FPG was established in 1954. For over 60 years, FPG has been dedicated to diversified development, and become one of the most important private enterprises in Taiwan. As for social welfare, FPG has insight into different needs, keeping giving help for those in need. (FPG, Mar 26, 2024)
(The financial data shown above is extracted from the latest financial statements.)

FPG at a Glance

FPG have more than 100 investments in Taiwan, the United States, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippine.

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Introduction of FPG

FPG started up a plant produced 4 Tons per day of PVC resin in 1954 and strived for the economic development of Taiwan at that time.

We started up from the smallest in the world to the largest in Taiwan.


To start up to operate diversified industries, FPG become one of the largest private enterprises in Taiwan.

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Our principle is that shareholders should receive a reasonable return. Only as a profitable organization can we earn the trust of investors.

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Our Employees

We open vacancies irregularly, share bonus to employees and provide favorable incentive policies.

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