Job Openings

Job Openings

Human resources are a company's most important assets, and each company shall be committed to providing a safe workplace, so that employees are willing to realize their full potential. Therefore, to attract excellent talents, Formosa Plastics Group not only provides steady and competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, but also comprehensive training and promotion systems. The objective is to realize the basic policy of allowing human resources to realize their full potential.

FPG has planned a well-rounded training system for new employees and formulated a positive environment for working and learning in the hopes of fostering professional talents who are proactive and innovative. Also, the comprehensive training programs at each stage of career would promote employees towards self-development and become great talents with professional and management practices.

Talent Development

Please apply via the recruitment page of the FPG website.
Basic Requirements: university degree or higher (daytime programs)Job Type and Required Degree:



Electrical Personnel

Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automatic Control, etc.

Mechanical Personnel Mechanical Engineering, Power Mechanical Engineering, Automatic Control, etc.
Chemical Personnel Chemical Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Material Science, etc.
Development Personnel

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Physics, Biology, Medicine, etc.

Business Management Personnel Business Management, Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering, etc.  
Sales Personnel

International Trade, Business Management, etc.

Accounting Personnel

Accounting, Finance and Taxation, Financial Management

IT Personnel

Information Engineering, Business and Management, etc.


Please visit the recruitment page of the FPG website.      

How to Apply
Formal Registration
For new graduates of the year, people who are almost discharged from their military obligation, working people, or job seekers, you are welcome to visit our recruitment page if you are planning to apply for a job at FPG. If there is any job type that matches your qualifications, please go to "Formal Registration for Application" on the website for application.

Advanced Registration

If you are still studying till the end of the year, fulfilling your military obligation, or cannot apply for a job in the short run, you are welcome to register your basic information and available date of onboarding via "Advanced Registration" on the recruitment page of FPG. After that date, you will be informed by email of any suitable vacancy. Please apply for the vacancy on FPG's website using "Formal Registration for Application."


If you are available for job application in the short run but cannot find a suitable vacancy, we advise you to first register your basic information via "Advanced Registration." Once there is a suitable vacancy that matches your needs, you will be informed by email. Please apply for the vacancy on FPG's website using "Formal Registration for Application."


(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

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