Management Philosophy

Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness

The formation of corporate culture relies on the long-term development of the company's business philosophy. FPG's business philosophy is basically to strive for the rationalization of everything with "diligence and perseverance." FPG stresses the importance of persistence on doing everything and keeping track of the details and logic of things so that proper measures can be taken. FPG works diligently after a thorough understanding of things and strives for continuous improvement to achieve excellence and the maximum efficiency. The prerequisite for all this is that all the employees live and work diligently and pragmatically so that all of the ideals can be actualized. An FPG employee must ensure a thrifty and pragmatic life to reduce unnecessary desires and avoid from being allured and interrupted by external factors. Only with such attitude can an FPG employee diligently devote him/herself wholeheartedly to work and undertake all tasks to the highest standards.

FPG began its business from zero and eventually developed into a large corporation. One of the important fundamental values FPG holds is the focus on a diligent and pragmatic lifestyle and work attitude. In other words, FPG's achievements have been accumulated based on this foundation.

Striving for Excellence

Corporate management involves a wide array of internal issues, in addition to the changing factors of the external, objective environment. Being content with the status quo will lead to outdatedness. Thus in terms of management, a company must meticulously examine each little detail and seek the rationalization of each matter, in order to avoid every possibility of waste and negligence. A company must simplified all matters and pursue the ultimate goal of "striving for excellence." Everything, before they reach the highest standards, must not be overlooked. Continuous hard work must be done to allow each rationalized operation to become ingrained and thorough. Only by doing so a company's competitiveness can be enhanced. The pursuit of rationalization is a complicated and taxing job. However, only be endless hard work can a company keep on improving and continue to strengthen its competitiveness to ensure its advantageous status in the industry.

Management Rationalization

The aim of sustainable management is not only a fundamental ideal and vision of a corporation, but also a scared mission undertaken by a corporation. However, sustainable management is only achievable by making reasonable profits since without reasonable profits, a company will not be able to explore options for its future outlook or seeking impetus for continuous development; a company might even find itself in an unsustainable predicament. It is said that "it is difficult to start a business and it is even harder to maintain it." A corporation reflects on its values and methods when pursuing sustainable management. For every matter in its operations, it must continue to seek rationalization.

The rationalization of management is the source of enhancing operating performance, while profits are the results of such performance. Therefore, corporate management must not focus only on operating profits, nor should it become content with only profits. By creating mutually beneficial relationships with customers, FPG is able to adhere to the ideal of sustainable management. Apart from striving to provide quality and inexpensive products, FPG has largely contributed to Taiwan's economic growth. Furthermore, FPG ensures its support for the employees and partners so that their lives can be improved. By doing so, FPG is able to create a sustainable and successful future while actualizing its goal of contributing to society.

Positive contribution to Society

In accordance with its aim of "giving back to society," FPG has not forgotten to contribute to society and provide services for the public by establishing healthcare and educational institutions in addition to its pursuit of further development. With nurturing talents and elevating healthcare standards as the objectives, FPG has injected money into healthcare, helping low-income families, and charitable clinics at home and abroad. Based on the belief that "the advantaged people ought to help the disadvantaged people," FPG has provided financial support for young indigenous people to develop their talents so that the vulnerable can gain access to equal opportunities before becoming self-sufficient adults. In the meantime, FPG has also proactively engaged in environmental initiatives and disaster relief and restoration programs.

It is because we have always believed that the existence of a corporation is only meaningful when it can contribute to society while making reasonable profits. Once a corporation sees the goal of contributing to society its own responsibility, it will push itself to maintain its laudable management framework in order to achieve sustainability and success in the future.

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

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