The Beauty of Mailiao Eco-Industry Park

Do you know? No.6 Naphtha Cracker Complex started from wasteland to prosperity. Formosa Plastics Group is greatly concerned with the air, soil, water, and health of the local residents here. In particular, 1.45 million trees of various species have been planted after land reclamation and afforestation, providing migratory birds passing by with a ground for habitation, foraging, and breeding. The place is a rare bird-watching destination. There are also diverse land and marine ecosystems. We invite you to come experience the beauty of the No.6 Naphtha Cracker Complex.

  • Health Care

  • FPG provides comprehensive medical services by setting up the Yunlin Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and providing free health check-ups for the residents of Mailiao and Taixi townships.

  • Environmental Protection

  • FPG pays attention to environmental issues concerning air, water, soil, ecology, etc. in the park, while adopting the most advanced prevention and control equipment to reduce its impact on the environment.

  • Community Service

  • FPG strives to give back to society by providing assistance for local disadvantaged groups, participating in community activities, and organizing arts and cultural events.

  • Industrial Upgrading

  • FPG has entrusted a professional team to assist local agriculture and fisheries, increase the economic value of agricultural and fish products, improve the livelihood of residents, and prosper with the local communities.

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