Through years of experience in technology development and sales, Formosa Plastics Group strives to provide the products and services customers need.

Modern life is full of all kinds of chemical products in all aspects of life -- food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, entertainment, etc. The daily products that are manufactured with chemicals include tableware, plant fertilizers, fabrics, building materials, furniture, televisions, electronic products, car lubricants, interior/exterior parts of cars, medicines for illnesses, smartphone batteries and many others.



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FPG's chemicals are petrochemical intermediates made from upstream petrochemical products (ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, o-xylene, p-xylene) after polymerization, esterification, alkylation, and other chemical reactions. Chemicals are mainly provided for downstream customers in the plastics, textile and fibers and electronics industries. They play the role of an intermediate bridge in the industry chain and are also indispensable materials in daily life.

There are many types of chemical products. According to the composition of the ingredients, they can generally be divided into commodity chemicals and specialty chemicals. Commodity chemicals are relatively simple. They are mainly single chemical substance with a large output and a wide range of applications. They are the basic raw materials for chemical products. FPG's commodity chemicals include alkalis, acids, alcohols, alkanes, phenols, etc., which are mainly used to produce plastics, synthetic fibers and specialty chemicals. Vertical integration and economies of scale has created synergy for management, while the quality control is strict. In addition, the sales networks in Taiwan, the United States and China provide customers with high-quality services, while keeping abreast with the market dynamics of various chemicals and exploring potential customer needs.

Specialty chemicals are produced for special purposes. Usually composites, they are composed of more complex ingredients and made with high technology and high added value. Since they are produced for specific purposes, they have less output and have a certain range of applications. With a focus on materials, FPG produces specialty chemicals for the plastics industry and the electronics industry in a bid to improve the characteristics and performance of products for customers.

Safe, Eco-friendly and Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing Environment

The awareness of environmental protection has increased in recent years. In response to the environmental policies of countries around the world, Formosa Plastics Group has developed environmentally friendly, non-toxic and high value-added products through research and development of new products. Apart from continuing to improve its production technology, management model, and hazard analysis, FPG adopts the most advanced and energy efficient pollution prevention equipment in order to enhance work safety, production efficiency, and energy efficiency with the safest and most economical methods.

Key Projects

Continue to develop non-phthalate and eco-friendly plasticizers in response to China's environmental policy.

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

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