Through the diversified teaching resources of the three universities, FPG nurtures students to expand their learning areas and cultivate professional competencies.

In order to prepare professionals in the engineering industry, Formosa Plastics Group founded Ming Chi Institute of Technology (now Ming Chi University of Technology, MCUT) in 1963. With the establishment of Chang Gung Hospital in 1976, FPG then established Chang Gung Medical College (now Chang Gung University, CGU) in 1987 and Chang Gung Nursing School (now Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, CGUST) in 1988, in order to train medical practitioners. Upholding the philosophy of "diligence and pragmatism," FPG implements cooperative education programs and internships, providing students with hardworking campus environment that leads to independent spirit. Thus, students are able to accomplish both theoretical and practical excellence and become professionals with outstanding knowledge, skill and capabilities.



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Promoting the upgrade of medical industry and improving the overall medical standard and service

In the 1970s, the two founders established Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) in March 1973 out of a sense of mission to give back to the community, in response to the scarcity of medical resources in Taiwan. CGMH established seven hospitals in Taipei, Linkou, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, Taoyuan, and Yunlin. Later, it was commissioned by the government to operate Fengshan Hospital and Tucheng Hospital on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis. It became one of the largest and most well-equipped general hospitals in the Far East.

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)


FPG invested ample educational resources to establish Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT), focusing on engineering and chemical engineering. Chang Gung University (CGU) specializes in medicine, while Chang Gung University of Science and Technology (CGUST) emphasizes on nursing and general health care. Through research projects, corporate internships, academia-industry collaborations, extention and continuing educations, and international exchanges, FPG strives to cultivate future generations to be equipped with independent learning competence and pragmatic spirit so as to enhance their competitiveness and employability.

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Chang Gung Memorial Hospital provides integrated health care, ranging from acute care, chronic care, preventive health medicine, long-term care, traditional Chinese medicine to health management, combining academic research resources and excellent medical staff in combination with the health care network of each hospital location to provide convenient and high-quality health care for the public.

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