An automatic storage systems, large precision machinery, and cogeneration equipment manufacturer

In the 1950s, Taiwan focused on industrial and manufacturing development. In an effort to meet the rising national demand for professional equipment and to improve its engineering technology standards, Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) started partnerships with manufacturers in Japan, Germany, and Switzerland to develop industrial rubber rollers, precision gears for machinery, as well as electroplating and grinding techniques.

FPG became the first Taiwanese company to have stepped into the petrochemical industry and became an esteemed member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) in the early 1980s.



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FPG is Taiwan's most experienced and reputable turnkey manufacturer of mechanical equipment. We have succeeded in expanding our manufacturing automation and increased the number of our production locations that develop precision equipment including automatic storage systems, petrochemical processing equipment, cogeneration equipment, and power plant boilers for the petroleum, chemical, plastic, fiber, power generation, and steel industries. With a focus on professional engineering design, cold working, electric welding, and the talent to manufacture and install large-scale machinery, FPG creates exclusive, custom machinery and equipment for customers and helps them save on construction and operating costs.

Provide power distribution systems that meet international technical standards

Most of the equipment used in our own plant has special specifications. As such, FPG is invested in the research and development of custom electricity distribution and transmission design and has partnered with international manufacturers in technology, including Schneider Electric (France), ABB (Germany), and Mitsubishi (Japan). FPG has also introduced flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), robotic arms, and continuous automatic spray-painting machines to improve the design and manufacturing capacity of electrical distribution systems.

FPG produces electrical distribution systems for industrial, commercial, and hospital use. Through the configuration of energy systems, FPG makes the distribution of electricity more efficient. In addition, we are credited with the National High-Voltage Power Equipment Manufacturing Certification for our high-quality manufacturing capabilities and quality control. FPG provides customers with safe, reliable, and high-performance electricity distribution products and technical services.

Helping develop electric power in Taiwan to reduce energy rationing

In response to the Taiwan government and Taipower Company's support of the private sector’s construction of power plants and development of electric power, FPG has built three large fossil fuel-powered generator units in the Mailiao Industrial Park, each with a capacity of 600,000 kW. The total power generation capacity is 1.8 million kWh, and the electricity generated is being integrated into the entire Taiwan power supply grid. The design of the Mailiao generator was critical; it only improves the efficiency of power generation, but also reduces CO2 emissions by nearly 1 million tons each year. Mailiao’s treated gas emissions also have far lower concentrations of air pollutants than the national standards, which demonstrates how eco-friendly equipment can help achieve the goal of limited pollution of coal-fired power plants.

In addition, FPG has also set up a cogeneration plant at Mailiao Industrial Park to produce electricity, steam, industrial water, ultra-pure water, nitrogen, oxygen, and compressed air. At present, there are 16 power generation units with a total capacity of 2.75 million kW. This is the largest cogeneration plant in the country. The electricity produced at the plant powers the manufacturing processes in the park and is sold to Taiwan Power Company, which is helping to reduce the strain on Taiwan Power Company’s power supply.

Key projects

.Technical collaboration with Japan's Fuji Electric to produce vacuum contactors (VCS).
.Partnership with Japan's Takaoka to produce mold-type transformers (MTR).

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

Machinery and Equipment

It is our mission to provide custom large-scale precision equipment for the manufacturing industry

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Electrical distribution systems

To meet the needs of different customers, FPG provides electrical distribution systems for industrial, commercial, and hospital use. Through the configuration of energy systems, FPG makes the distribution of electricity more efficient.

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Independent power generation and cogeneration

With advanced designs and operating modes, FPG creates pollution eco-friendly equipment. Our equipment not only increases efficiency, but also reduces air pollution.

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