Provide high value-added products and services to "pursue a healthy life style"

With increasing levels of education and changes in lifestyles, the requirements for convenience and product safety are also increasing day by day. In order to respond to consumer needs, FPG has continued to provide services in life health care, shopping, and tourism for more than ten years. Also, FPG has focused on and invested in research and development, product testing, and service quality with sufficient resources. Through rigorous inspections by the market, FPG has gradually gained recognition from consumers and experts, who have established trust and reputation for FPG's subsidiary brands.



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According to national development statistics, Taiwan is about to become an ageing society in 2018, and the proportion of elderly people over 65 will exceed 14% (above 7% is an aging society), and the government's elderly care policy will also face major challenges. FPG has observed these changes in social structure and begun to develop businesses related to healthy lifestyle horizontally, further promoting preventive health care, health management, and recreational services.

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

Consumer Products

Combining the three major resources of FPG -- manufacturing, academic research, and hospital clinical trials -- FPG develops and produces high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly daily necessities.

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Life and Leisure services

Promote shopping and leisure, tourism, health management and other businesses to create a quality life experience

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