Provide customers with the fastest and most complete business management solutions and automatic control services

FPG's diversified development extends over multiple industries, from traditional manufacturing to high technology. While knowledge and data are digitalized, the management model has also become e-oriented. Since the 1960s, FPG has begun to promote digital management. With sound digital infrastructure, FPG controls operating costs, increases production capacity, and simplifies operating procedures, leading to many well-known management measures, such as "one-day settlement, fraud prevention, and efficiency enhancement."



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Since the 1970s, it has been a golden age for Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese enterprises in the world, FPG has invested in information services which based on the principle of information sharing and gathered its many years of experience in digital management. With diversification, modularization of functions and based on different needs, FPG has launched business management software (enterprise application system integration, enterprise resource planning, POS system, etc.), supply chain system (engineering supplier management system, bidding system, etc.), smart manufacturing planning (RFID mobile solutions, RTPMS real-time production management systems, enterprise energy-saving solutions, monitoring system integration solutions, etc.), customized system implementation services, and automatic control technology.

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

Compared with other information companies, FPG has experience in many industries and management practices. FPG understands customer needs faster, provide clearer technical services, and improve system planning and information infrastructure. FPG has integrated services from research and development, design, to manufacturing, and assists customers in building well-rounded systems for data collection, data analysis, schedule management and decision support, so that manufacturing processes can be safe, stable and efficient.

Commercial Software

Provide a series of business software solutions for corporate ERP, paperless management, retail and gas station POS systems, electronic invoices, bidding, and supply chain management to help customers improve their management efficiency.

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Smart Manufacturing

Through the application of information technology, FPG provides corporate clients with accurate decision-making information, and builds a cost-effective and scalable factory management platform, such as real-time monitoring of equipment, production information tracking, process record analysis, and various types of factory monitoring systems.

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Customized Systems

Customized software and hardware systems according to customer needs, including application software development, operating systems, databases and application platforms.

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