Develop an electronic industry chain in an all-round way and become the world's most important supplier of electronic components

The development of the company's electronics industry dates back to the 1980s, starting from the production of printed circuit boards (PCB) and copper clad laminates (CCL) to upstream materials, such as epoxy resin (Epoxy), Bisphenol A (BPA), Copper foils, fiberglass cloth, fiberglass yarn, etc. Due to the popularization of computers and Internet, Formosa Plastics Group entered the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of DRAM and silicon wafers, which enabled FPG to develop more comprehensively in the electronics industry



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In an industry where the technologies are ever-changing, FPG places importance on its customers. With operating locations in Asia, Europe and the Americas, FPG maintains good relations with customers in various regions. The products include computers, home appliances, communications, industrial instruments, and aerospace and military equipment, etc. Also, FPG moves towards artificial intelligence, cloud computing, automotive, wearable devices and other products. Through close collaboration with the partners, FPG strengthens its product research and development to provide customers with all-round solutions.

Develop green technology and begin from environmental certifications

As a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), FPG is well aware of the importance of the environment to human life. In recent years, FPG has continued to improve the manufacturing processes and actively investing in eco products development to win recognition from the customers with the goals of energy conservation and carbon reduction. For example, halogen-free materials, water-based materials, and products with higher speed yet lower power consumption. Also, in compliance with the EU RoHS hazardous substance restriction regulations, FPG has introduced lead-free manufacturing processes to avoid the use and emissions of hazardous substances in the supply chain so that the impact on the ecological environment can be reduced in accordance with environmental regulations and market trends.

Key Projects

. Develop products used in communication networks, automotive electronics and Internet of Things devices.
. The production capacity for 12-inch silicon wafers and their market share will be improved.
. Accelerate the technology transfer of 10nm DRAM.

(FPG, Dec. 31, 2022)

Electronic Materials

Establish a series of upstream supply chains of electronic materials for printed circuit boards, including manufacturing plants for glass fiber filaments, glass fiber fabrics, copper foils, epoxy resins and copper clad laminates, to create synergy from the upstream and downstream vertical integration.

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Printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards are needed in almost all electronic devices in daily life. FPG is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of printed circuit boards and IC substrates. FPG's customers are all over the world. At the same time, there are professional carbonized ocher drill bit manufacturers in the conglomerate, specializing in drill bits used by circuit board manufacturers.

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FPG's vertical integration of the semiconductor industry starts from the upstream silicon wafer manufacturing by Formosa Sumco Technology Corporation, to DRAM developed, designed, manufactured, and sold by Nanya Technology Corporations, to the IC packaging and testing by Formosa Advanced Tech. FPG has demonstrated excellent product development capabilities with low manufacturing costs and strived to provide high-quality, advanced semiconductor products and services.

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FPG can flexibly provide products with high saturation according to customer needs. The products can also be flexibly used in automotive panels, medical panels, industrial control panels and wearable panels.

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