Preventive Care O2O Model

Formosa Plastics Group's Focus on Prevent Care

FPG focuses on "Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Care" in healthcare development. With its core concept integrating healthy lifestyle, healthy maintenance, and prevention, FPG provides both physical venues and online resources to develop the most effective O2O (Offline to Online/Online to Offline) "whole-person care" model. As the online system,, FPG has established an "i Health Care Network," a multimedia platform for health education based on the concept of OTT (Over The Top) media. The platform provides the public with a series of educational videos and information on preventive care provided by FPG free of charge through mobile phones or tablets.

Offline: FPG focuses on three aspects, "Health Management," "Health Promotion," and "Health Care Services," to promote preventive care. For "Health Management,"and "Health Promotion," FPG provides physical services through Formosa Biomedical's "Healthy Living Center," "i Health Management Center,"and "i Health Clinic". The professional health management teams use advanced equipments and the accurate analysis of health big data to provide customers/ clients with personalised consultations and health management plans. For "Health Care Services," Chang Gung Memorial Hospital provides outpatient consultations from a range of specialist clinics in order to ensure proper care for patients in all needs.

FPG hopes to connect this O2O model for preventive care to the lives of all its employees and the general public, to bring everyone a personalized and comprehensive health care service, and to make our people healthier with better quality of life. This has always been at the heart of FPG's social responsibility and mission since its establishment.

(Group Administration F.P.G., Dec. 31, 2022)

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