FPG adopts a diversification strategy and has manufacturing and operations locations across Asia and the Americas. Through products and the vertical integration of production, FPG provides sufficient and stable supply of raw materials. The raw materials for automotive components include polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), modified engineering plastic chips (PP, PBT, Nylon66 and other composite materials), ABS, PC/ABS, PC, EVA, POM, PVC, PVC sheets, TPO sheets, PVC sheets, PU synthetic leather, CCL, LCDs, DRAM, PCBs, carbon fiber (fabrics), polyester filament(staple fiber), tire cords (filament), car carpets and LFPO smart power, etc. The scope of application includes automobile exterior accessories, interior accessories, underhood parts, electronics and other related parts.

FPG stresses stringent quality control and stability of raw
materials to master automobile market trends. It is dedicated to the R&D of value-added raw materials to meet customer needs in processing their products easily and beneficially. It is also actively involved in acquiring OEM-certified products to become one of the biggest manufacturers in the automotive parts market.

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